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Deer Park Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Store

Brotherhood of St Laurence stores pride themselves on being a place for community connection by providing friendly conversation, as well as offering locals job pathways and opportunities.

Their work in the community is varied: ranging from early learning, employment preparation and digital literacy programs to aged care. They have also established initiatives to tackle the challenge climate change and environmental sustainability present for disadvantaged people. Their Saver Plus program has supported thousands of low income earners to develop a lasting savings habit and is Australia’s longest running matched savings and financial education program.

For more than half a century, they have also continued to help settle newly arrived migrants and refugees. Their flagship programs include Given the Chance for Asylum Seekers which supports asylum seekers living in the community, who have the legal right to work, to find jobs.

To help support their important work, why not shop at, donate to, or volunteer in one of their op shops?

If you'd like to donate a large item, please call ahead to check that they can receive what you have to give. Op shops spend millions of dollars a year on rubbish removal so please don't give broken, dirty, or poor quality items.

Check them out and get involved!


1/112-116 Westwood Dr

Deer Park



Ph. 03 9361 2180