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Clean Up the World Weekend

Clean Up the World Weekend is a global campaign, created by Clean Up Australia Ltd, that provides resources and support for community action groups. When you register an event or activity with the Clean Up the World (CUTW) campaign, you gain access to a variety of support and guidance materials. CUTW have curated these resources to help Clean Up the World Members and local environmental organisations address the unique needs of their environment.

This campaign has been created to make sure anyone can get involved! You can join as a business, community group, school, government body or just a bunch of friends working towards a greater good. There are three main ways to support this cause and your local environment: organising your own activity, volunteering with a pre-existing activity and spreading the word on social media to boost community involvement.

Please visit their website to read more about the powerful change that Clean Up the World Weekend events can bring to communities, as-well as more information about starting a CUTW activity in your local community. Be sure to visit their social media pages for powerful messages around waste and the environment, and any updates regarding Clean Up the World Weekend 2023. With hard work and the passion of local communities, we can make a world of difference!

Check them out and get involved!


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Ph. 02 8197 3400