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Benevolent Society

As Australia’s first charity, the Benevolent Society’s vision is a just society where everyone lives their best life. They’ve been supporting people with disabilities, children, families, older Australians and carers since 1813.

Not-for-profit and non-religious, the Benevolent Society are committed to people. Through a dedicated team, a network of service providers, partnerships and volunteers, they change lives.

Volunteers are the heart of what the Benevolent Society does. Volunteers help them to reach more people in more places.

A small contribution can make a big difference in your community, and it’s good for you too. Lending a helping hand helps stay involved in the community, meet new people, develop new skills or keep old ones sharp.

Your volunteering commitment can be as big or as little as you are able to give.

Contact the Benevolent Society to see what opportunities are available or to find out other ways you can help.



Check them out and get involved!


Ph. 1800 236 762