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Baradine SES

NSW SES are the lead agency for flood, storm and tsunami critical response in NSW. They manage responses to these emergencies while helping communities prepare with essential planning and life-saving education!

NSW SES volunteers come from all walks of life, bringing with them many different skills, interests and backgrounds. They are united by the purpose of supporting their communities in times of need!

There are lots of roles that you can do depending on what you like and what you want to learn. Whether providing on-the-ground support, assisting in operational support roles or raising community awareness through education programs, there are many ways to be part of NSW SES!

The benefits of becoming a SES volunteer are immense and incredibly rewarding. Volunteers have many opportunities to develop new, nationally recognised skills, form new lifelong friendships, accept high levels of responsibility and enjoy the team spirit of a tightly knit unit!

If this sounds like something you want to be involved with, please contact your local unit via the information provided here or via their website! You can also check out their social media pages for any important updates they share.

Check them out and get involved!





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