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Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (Darwin)

AuSIL’s aim is to support Indigenous language communities as they seek to use and promote their languages in written, oral, and other forms relevant to their social context. AuSIL supports linguistic research, as well as the translation of educational, health and religious materials into Indigenous languages. They also continue to advocate for the implementation of vernacular education in schools, not only because they are convinced that research indicates children learn best in the language they understand best, but also because they believe this is one of the best ways to respect and support the rights of Indigenous people who want to keep and strengthen their linguistic heritage. Through thousands of hours of research and fieldwork over the years, they are now able to provide digital versions of dictionaries, grammatical descriptions, literacy materials and other resources in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island languages. AuSIL is a faith based organisation and there are opportunites for volunteers to join them on a short, medium or long term basis. They are seeking people with a back ground in language and translation, as well as in areas such as administration, IT, media, finance, graphic design, etc. Get in touch today and find out how you can help keep Indigenous languages alive!

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72 Dripstone Road




Ph. 8) 8911 1326