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8 Billion Trees

While we can’t change what has already happened, we can be a powerful force for good to stop as much further destruction as we possibly can.

8 Billion Trees is supporting reforestation efforts in Australia where climate change has caused bushfires which have decimated animal populations and destroyed habitats.

By subscribing and becoming a member, you are taking a stand in the fight for a healthier Earth, as well as making a direct impact in the lives of people living in less developed areas. By focusing on raising funds, spreading awareness and establishing their own planting sites around the world, 8 Billion Trees allows their members to make an enormous impact that would not be possible otherwise. To expand their efforts, they also sponsor many groups around the world.

By supporting 8 Billion Trees, you not only directly fund the conservation and planting of trees, you also support many other organizations with the same goals. Get in touch today to find out more!

Check them out and get involved!