Support your local charity op shops during National Op Shop Week!

National Op Shop Week 2019 takes place from Monday September 30th to Sunday October 6th!

We can all donate high quality goods, volunteer in a shop, or buy some new gear. Whichever way we help, we can all make a difference and give a hand. That’s what National Op Shop Week is all about!

Why are op shops so important? There are three simple reasons.

1. A large number of community programs are funded by the income from charity op shops. These programs would struggle without generous donations to op shops.

2. Op shops help many Australians to find a bargain. They also help people who are having a hard time. 

3. Buying second-hand is a great to reduce our impact on the environment. And donating good quality products keeps them from going to landfill!

Why you should DoSomething!

I like how DoSomethingNearYou encourages us to think about the ways that we can give back. It encourages people to get involved in their own community and effect real change.

Sandra Sully, supporter of DoSomethingNearYou

DoSomethingNearYou makes it a lot easier for people to get involved in community volunteering and charity events. Just type in your postcode, choose your suburb and do something that inspires you!

Jon Dee, Founder of DoSomethingNearYou

DoSomething Near You makes it a lot easier for Australians to get involved in community volunteering and charity events.

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