During the pandemic,
Meals on Wheels is needed more than ever.

Type your postcode into the search bar above to find your nearest Meals on Wheels service. Please get in touch with your local service to see if they need more volunteers or donations.

Read below for more ways you can help.


Volunteers are the heart of Meals on Wheels. Many volunteers say they get back just as much as they give.

Depending on the structure of your local branch you could help in a variety of ways, from delivering to customers, to helping with cooking, management and administration.

Get in touch with your local branch using the postcode search above and find out how you can help.


A growing number of elderly people and those with limited mobility need food during the pandemic.

Meals on Wheels urgently need donations to keep these essential services running.

The Meals on Wheels Australia website is currently accepting donations which will be distributed to each State.

Your donation will be a big help to people in need! 


Your business has great power to create positive change in your community.

Whether you’re part of a multi-national company or a local business, there are ways that you can get involved.

This can include different forms of donation, volunteering, and sponsorship with Meals on Wheels.

To find out more, please get in touch with your local branch by using the postcode search above.

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