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Young Farmers Connect – South East QLD

Young Farmers Connect (YFC) provides education and community connections that encourage our young agrarians to farm for the future. They support the use of regenerative, holistic, and sustainable agricultural practices. YFC is a community that provides a peer support network for land sharing, collaboration, mentorship and industry support to new, young and aspiring farmers throughout Australia.

They understand the barriers and challenges for new farmers and advocate for resources and supportive pathways to mobilise young farmers into the agricultural sector, revitalise our rural communities and transform the way we produce, supply and consume nutritious, clean food.

YFC has sprouted and bloomed through the combined efforts of young farmers and food systems activists around Australia. YFC will now seek to ensure the growth and support of new regional chapters. Get in touch if you’re interested in starting a chapter near you!

If you’re interested in donating to, or creating a corporate partnership with YFC, get in touch with them today!

Check them out and get involved!