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World Turtle Day

Across land and sea, there are a huge range of turtles in the world, from the three inch long Speckled Tortoise to the three metre long Leatherback Turtle. You can help turtles in nature near you!

All marine turtle species are experiencing serious threats to their survival in the wild. For over 100 million years they’ve played a key role in maintaining the health of our world’s oceans. The main threat facing turtles is the increasing pollution and changes to important habitats, including coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests and nesting beaches.

While work has been done to protect our turtles, such as the NSW Governments ban of single use plastic bags, it’s essential we support organisations like the Taronga Conservation Society to ensure they can continue their vital work and research. You can donate to them on their website and see more of the incredible projects they’re working on for wildlife in Australia and around the world.

Visit the website link to read their uplifting story about two green sea turtles that were released back into the ocean after completing their rehabilitation at Sydney’s Taronga Wildlife Hospital. You can learn more about how the Taronga Conservation Society are helping Australian turtles and how you can join them! Keep an eye on their social media pages for any new posts or updates about World Turtle Day 2023.

Check them out and get involved!


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