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World Spay Day

Around the world, the last Tuesday of February is celebrated as World Spay Day. Desexing your pet has huge benefits for the community, the environment, and for your pet!

Did you know that desexed animals generally live longer and healthier lives? Desexing prevents an array of diseases that can affect the reproductive organs, and desexing makes your pet less likely to wander and get lost.

Desexing your pet also prevents unwanted animals from ending up neglected on the streets, euthanised in animal shelters, or living in the bush and killing native wildlife. For instance, did you know that cats kill more than 1.5 billion native Australian animals every year? 
Desexing your pet is the simplest and most useful thing you can do for the welfare of our pets and native animals! So get in touch with your local RSPCA or the National Desexing Network today!


Check them out and get involved!