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World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day (WRD) highlights the crucial role that waterways play for the environment and our local communities. Through the work they do to raise awareness around waterways, WRD hopes that individuals, communities and government bodies will consequentially advance the sustainable management of waterways around the world.

Nearly all of the rivers around the world face a variety of threats. With global attention and proactive strategies for sustainable waterway management, communities from all corners of the world can work together to heal our Earth. WRD is a great excuse to be in nature with your loved ones, tend to an important waterway near you and learn more about the waterways in your local community!

WRD encourages everyone to create their own event! Wether it be the clean up of a local waterway, organising a festival with your community to raise awareness about local waterways and concerns, a native tree planting at your local waterway to support the local wildlife (be sure to research which native plants work best for your chosen area), or arranging a paddle down a creek with some friends! You can find all the information you need, with more ideas and resources, to support your event on their website.

If your abilities are limited or for whatever reason you cannot attend an event, you’re encouraged to show your support on social media! You can repost information that WRD shares on their social media, make a post about a waterway near you that includes ‘#WorldRiversDay’ in the caption, or help other individuals promote their events.

There are so many different ways to help World Rivers Day achieve their goal of sustainable management for waterways around the world! You can find more information and important resources to help you on their website. We all appreciate our rivers, and now is a time to show it!

If you want to create an event of your own, please visit the ‘Get Involved’ page on their website for detailed information about how to get started. You can also use the email provided if you have any questions about organising an event or for other ways that you can help the cause!

Check them out and get involved!