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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Every year on the 15th of June we commemorate World Elder Abuse Day to protect those who have given so much to our communities. There’s lots you can do to support elderly people in your local community. Whether it’s supporting independence through Meals on Wheels, or offering a friendly check-in through Red Cross Telecross, you can look out for elders near you.

Elder abuse is a manifestation of ageism and inequities within society, this abuse is any kind of act that results in harm to an older person. It can be done by someone they know and trust like family or friends. However, this abuse can also be inflicted by medical professionals, service workers and individuals with access to elderly people in vulnerable positions. This abuse can be physical, social, sexual, financial or psychological, including acts of mistreatment and neglect. 

This is a day to celebrate the achievements of our elderly community and engage in important discussions about how we can best protect them. For a community to flourish it has to ensure the wellbeing and security of those within. Our vulnerable older persons have given so much to their communities and it’s important that they give back where support is needed.

To learn more about this day and how you can show your support, please visit their website for more reading materials and resources. By following their social media pages you can look out for any updates or changes to Elder Abuse Day 2023.

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