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By individuals and businesses embracing plant-based diets, they’re able to do their part to protect the environment, prevent unnecessary animal suffering and potentially improve the health of millions of people around the world. 

In 2022, over 620,000 people from over 220 countries, banded together and went vegan to show their support for Veganuary. Veganuary has been operating since 2014 and they hope to one day live in a fully vegan world. Through the whole year, they work with individuals and businesses to encourage that they make the switch to a plant-based diet. You can read more about their 5 year strategy for achieving immense change on their website!

You’re encouraged to make the pledge today for 31 days of delicious vegan food and practises! They have a variety of fantastic recipes and tips on their website to show you just how good vegan can be. There are also many blogs and guides to help you navigate a plant-based diet that benefits your life and wellbeing!

Wether you choose veganism for health reasons, animal welfare concerns, environmental support or otherwise, you’re joining the thousands around the world who’re helping our environment one bite at a time! Visit their website and make the pledge today to benefit yourself, the environment and our world’s beloved animals. Please keep an eye on their social media pages for their best tips and any updates they share! 

Check them out and get involved!