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Tolga Bat Hospital

The Tolga Bat Hospital welcomes volunteers from all over the world. They provide food and accommodation for volunteers. Volunteers are needed all year but especially during tick paralysis season when hundreds of adults and orphans come into care.

These are the months from October to February. They usually need 4 to 8 full-time volunteers, as well as their dedicated group of local part-time volunteers.

Rescuing and rehabilitating bats is a rewarding and challenging branch of wildlife care. It is, however, a specialised field and should only be undertaken by trained and vaccinated persons.

Get in touch to receive training before attempting to care for animals, to protect both you and the animals (especially because some Australian bats have rabies).

Get in touch to find out more!

Check them out and get involved!


Highlights info row image 134 Carrington Rd



Ph. 07 4091 2683