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Shoes for Planet Earth

For ten years, Shoes for Planet Earth has worked to provide recycled sports shoes to those in need. With the help of financial and shoe donations, they have been able to distribute over 80,000 pairs of shoes to places such as homeless shelters, crisis centres and disaster sites in over 18 countries.

They are an active team of volunteers all involved in the sporting world and want to bring the many benefits of physical activity to disadvantaged people. They collect running shoes from around Australia which are then sent to those in need all over the world, including in remote and disadvantaged areas of Australia. Donating your shoes also reduces landfill and the demand for new resources – helping people and planet!

You can help by donating money or shoes, or by volunteering to be a collector. If you wish to donate shoes, it is important that they are sports shoes and, of course, in good condition as a pair.

With your generosity, you can help them reach their goal of providing shoes to 100,000 people by 2024!

Check them out and get involved!


PO Box 216



Ph. 0422 587 029