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Profit for Purpose (YWCA)

YWCA Australia has proudly been supporting women and young people for over 137 years. Their programs are dependent on funding – much of which has been made possible because of their innovative Profit for Purpose business model.

Over the past four years their businesses have gone through a dramatic transformation to maximise profit to support our programs and services. They successfully run the following businesses: Song Hotels (Sydney & Redfern); Song Kitchen, Song Catering and Food for Futures, as well as venue hire services in Rockhampton.

Their businesses are operated as stand-alone units and over time generate a return to support YWCA programs across Australia. These services empower women through leadership, advocacy and the provision of critical frontline services. Key examples being crisis support, child protection, early intervention, health and community wellbeing, mentoring, education and development skills.

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South Melbourne


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