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Pet Promise Day

Today raises awareness that all pets are forever pets, and great care and thought needs to go into bringing a pet into our homes and families. Caring for a pet even when they become old or sick is part of that promise.

Pet Promise Day is a community led event to reduce stray animals and promote informed care of pets. They acknowledge it’s essential that individuals and families do their research before adopting so they can make an informed decision to get the right pet for them. Through various projects, like creating albums with information about particular breeds, they’re working to ensure our furry friends end up in the right hands so they can grow happy and old in their forever homes!

The Pet Promise is: “I promise the day you become a family member that I will always treat you as part of the family, no matter if a new family member comes along, I move house, or you grow old. I promise to give you what you need to keep you physically, mentally and emotionally happy and healthy. And I promise that you will be my forever pet until the very end and do everything I can to enjoy every moment with you.”

Please visit their FaceBook page to see what they’re working on and for any updates about Pet Promise Day 2023. You can also contact them via email if you have any questions or want support to organise an event near you!

Check them out and get involved!