New South Wales Apiarists’ Association

The New South Wales Apiarists’ Association Inc. (NSWAA) is the state peak body for commercial beekeepers. The NSWAA is committed to ensuring the future of the beekeeping industry, and the Executive Council represents its members in liaison with government, media and the general community. In Australia, two thirds of our Nation’s agricultural output benefits from the pollination services of honey bees! This association plays a crucial role in ensuring that we have a viable and sustainable beekeeping industry in NSW. The Association is committed to increasing the demand for apiary products, disseminating information to Members, securing business concessions for members and protecting the natural resources valuable to bees. They also assist Members in their apicultural rights, secure effective legislation and administration in affairs affecting the industry.

Beekeeping is something you can do from home – it’s an important part of protecting our pollinators!

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