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Muscular Dystrophy Australia

The aim of Muscular Dystrophy Australia (MDA) is to provide support, assistance and information for individuals and their families and to help people with neuromuscular disorders to develop and maintain an independent lifestyle.

MDA encourage and fund appropriate research to seek the cause, cure and treatment of neuromuscular disorders and aim to educate the public about these disorders.

You can help MDA Australia to achieve their goals in a variety of ways.

You can fundraise, donate or arrange a workplace giving schedule.

Or you can volunteer! Volunteers are a valuable resource and support base for any organisation. And the MDA relies on the support and assistance of volunteers with many tasks.

The MDA is always seeking additional volunteers to assist with the many wide and varied tasks. Get in touch with MDA and see how you can offer your support to help them in their vital work.

Check them out and get involved!


111 Boundary Road

North Melbourne


Ph. 03 9320 9555