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Ethical Paper

What type of office paper should you buy?

To help you make that decision, the Wilderness Society has created The Ethical Paper Guide. It will help you to make a sustainable and ethical choice every time you or your business purchases office paper.

The responsible choice is to use paper products that are native forest free, 100% recycled and FSC®certified. 

There is a strong reason why you should buy this kind of office paper.

Some of Australia’s most commonly used paper brands are still made by logging Victoria’s Critically Endangered native forests.

This logging is driving wildlife to extinction, threatening our water supplies and undermining efforts to mitigate climate change. Every purchase of an unsustainable paper product perpetuates these problems.

But by choosing an Ethical Paper, you’re helping ensure a sustainable future for you and your community, and for the natural world that supports us. 

You can get involved from home! Ensure that every paper product you buy or order online is FSC®certified. 

You can check out the Ethical Paper Guide at  EthicalPaper.com.au

Check them out and get involved!


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