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Coastrek Sydney

Coastrek is a large fundraising event to get communities walking for charity. You just have to find 3 people, friends, family or colleagues, to challenge yourselves both physically and mentally, while exploring Australia’s iconic natural and urban scenery. 

Throughout their 12 years of running the Coastrek program, they have gotten more than 61,000 people moving in nature, with over 2 million kilometres logged to date. Through Coastrek fundraising events, trekkers have raised $45 Million for charity and this year they’ve teamed up with The Heart Foundation to get Australians “Hiking for healthy hearts“.

Australia’s leading cause of death is coronary heart disease, claiming the lives of over 45 people every single day. Community health initiatives, such as Coastrek’s 12-week training program and the event’s ultimate endurance walk, promote viable public health strategies for sustainable community improvements.

These strategies address the fundamental causes of Australia’s communal problems and in this case, they’re getting individuals moving for their own cardiovascular wellbeing and the permanent betterment of heart health across Australia.

You can choose to walk the 60km, 45km, 30km or 20km challenge, around Sydney in NSW, as well as other locations throughout Australia. The iconic Sydney challenge will happen on the 24th of March 2023, so be sure to sign up today!

You and those in your group can get fit while completing this challenge, change many lives through the donations you collect, grow stronger connections with those in your group of 4, and all feel great knowing that you’ve done something powerful for yourself and others through Coastrek.

Visit their website to learn more about Coastrek’s Sydney events and to sign up today! They have a variety of walks nation-wide, so be sure to share this event with your Aussie-based friends! You can also follow them on social media for any important posts they share and updates about their 2023 Coastrek events. If you have any questions or want to offer further support, please use the contact details provided or found on their site!

AND remember! Its not a race and there are no losers. This is a fun and exciting challenge to bring you and your loved ones together, while improving your physical and mental health, for the betterment of Australia’s heart health!

Check them out and get involved!


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