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Bridge of Hope

Did you know that when young women living in Out of Home Care turn 18, they immediately have their accommodation and financial support withdrawn? They can often lack the skills or social network required to transition to independent living.

This can result in homelessness, mental health issues, entering the criminal justice system, early parenthood, welfare dependency, or drug and alcohol problems. This perpetuates the cycle of disadvantage.

If you believe in the potential of young women, you can help Bridge of Hope!

If you are a woman over 21 years old, you can be a Mentor Buddy in the My Life My Plan program.

Bridge of Hope also welcome corporate partners and sponsors to help deliver programs to those at risk in our community.

If you have skills and experience in areas such as marketing, social media, graphic design, analytics or surveys, you can also offer your skills as a volunteer. Get in touch today to find out!

Check them out and get involved!


PO Box 125

Southland Centre


Ph. 03 9584 9454