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Australian Fauna Care

​Australian Fauna Care was established in 2002 by a NSW based wildlife carer in order to help people find the nearest wildlife care organisation.  They were assisted in setting up the website by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Australia) and they continue to support the work undertaken by IFAW in Australia and around the world.

They were the first on-line directory of Australian wildlife organisations and their site is now the central source for many other online and print directories of  Australian Wildlife organisations.

Australian Fauna Care maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date list in Australia – largely due to the effort of wildlife groups and their members, who keep them informed of changes on a regular basis.

Rescuing and caring for injured native animals is something you can do from home! It’s a great option for people who live in remote areas. Get in touch to receive training before attempting to care for animals, to protect both you and the animals.

To find out more about their work or to volunteer your time, visit their website!

Check them out and get involved!