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World Blood Donor Day

This day is an incredibly important reminder of how important donating blood is. You can save up to three lives in just one whole blood donation! 

These donations go towards critical medical care and research. You are able to donate every three months and you are encouraged to do so! You can single-handedly save up to three lives every three months. These donations take about 15-20 minutes so you are able to be in and out in about 30 minutes. 

Access to safe blood and blood products is low, especially in lower and middle-income countries. These shortages have the biggest impact on women and children as they are commonly those who need it most. Your health is a fundamental human right, and your status should never impact this. 

Show your solidarity for the medical community and its patients by doing your part and donating. Visit the website address linked to learn more about how you can help and where you can donate blood. 

Check them out and get involved!


Ph. +41 22 791 21 11