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The Wombat Protection Society Of Australia

The Wombat Protection Society Of Australia (WPSA) aims to bring together people involved in the conservation and protection of wombats.

They maintain a data base of up-to-date research and information.

Educating government departments, the public and carers on the welfare and continued care of wombats, they assist people to take action in the prevention of harm to wombats and their environments.

WPSA consider mange, caused by the parasitic mite sarcoptes scabiei, as the major health issue impacting wombat welfare.

WSPA have successfully brought attention and action to this issue by encouraging and supporting research and collaboration in the treatment and prevention of mange in both free living and in-care wombats.

To assist WSPA to continue in their research and care of wombats you can make a donation or become a member. All donations go directly to the care, protection and research of wombats in Australia.

Check them out and get involved!


PO Box 6045



Ph. 0448 087 994