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International Women in Engineering

The theme for this year’s International Women in Engineering Day is ‘Inventors and Innovators’. The goal of this day is to continue to make engineering an inclusive and accepting space for everyone to thrive and achieve.

At this point it is an estimated 13-14% of the profession is women, and it is crucial we improve this. As we have seen in studies, groups work better when they are amongst diversity. They display more creativity, innovation and make more comprehensive decisions. 

By addressing the social factors in these environments that cause this imbalance, such as gender biases and stereotypes, the male-dominated workplaces and educational environments, as well as the rates of sexual harassment, we can begin to improve the environments that these female engineers go into and create environments that cater to creating the diversity we need. We cannot create the relevant products if the diversity of the society they are catering to is not reflected in the diversity of their team. 

Visit the website to learn more about why this issue is important, and ways that we can help. Change happens when we all do our part.

Check them out and get involved!


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