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Australian Ju-Jitsu Federation

Want to learn a martial art? Perhaps jujitsu is the sport for you!

Learning self defence can give you self confidence that can be applied to other aspects of your life.

Why not contact the Australian Jujitsu Federation to find a club near you?

Martial Arts can be grouped into three categories: grappling, boxing and weapons. Jujitsu falls under grappling, and this style predominantly gives way to an opponent?s force.

Interested in volunteering rather than playing the sport?

Volunteers are always needed to help run events.

Opportunities for volunteers include managing the scoring and timing of matches, working as a runner to pass on important key information, and organising the event.

Whether you are a past player or new to the sport, why not see how you can help out?

Check out the website of the Australian Jujitsu Federation to express your interest.

Check them out and get involved!